Rebecca is a jewelry designer living on Maui, HI right now with her husband and two young sons. She received a BFA in jewelry design from the SCAD in Savannah, GA. She Worked in the south for a short time after graduating, but ultimately was pulled back to the mountains, she moved to Bozeman, MT where she has a home and plans to return after her year adventure on Maui. Originally from the coastal town of Santa Cruz, CA. She grew up with nature being her escape, Climbing in Yosemite and swimming in the Pacific. Sketching, painting and taking photos along the journey. Most of her work is influenced by simple rhythms in nature and life. Rebecca uses as many sustainable processes as she can, and mostly works with sterling silver, recycled materials, gold, gold fill and found objects. Her work is also influence by her travel, and experiences living abroad in Mexico, and in Southern France. Traveling, studying and living all over the US, has influenced her designs as well. When not in her studio she enjoys spending time with her family outside; climbing, fishing, kayaking etc. These activities help clear her mind and give room for her creative process. Hope you enjoy the shop.